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We are a client-focused company that works hard to deliver the best possible results in all of our projects. Home improvement projects are major life events. We understand the importance of trusting a company to deliver your dream, so we strive to meet all of our customers’ expectations and make their dreams come true.
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Love from Clients

  Leor is very comprehensive and clear in his explanation of what needs to be done and why. Price was reasonable for the services and products. Response was almost immediate even following days of heavy rain. Installers were efficient and considerate.

thumb Cynthia S.

  The service was quick and straight forward. The gentlemen helping were easy to work with and efficient. Very communicative.

thumb JJ F.

  The tech that came to evaluate was professional and courteous, but in the end they were going to charge me more than double what I paid for another vendor. I think they’re a good provider, but they charge way too much.

thumb Don K.

  We had a major leak issue with a newly replaced roof by another company . The property is located in the heart of Brentwood.
When called Leor , he went up to the roof , diagnosed the problem right away .
The pipes that are connected to the AC unit ( which are on the roof ) not sealed properly by the previous company . He had seal all of that with a high quality silicon and changed the damaged insulation, and rusted grill for air return .
It was a costly repair but great service, quality-job was performed by one his experienced and very professional staff . Thank you Leor , look forward working with you on a bigger project.

thumb Sarah K.

  Overall, great management, productive team and capable of handling the work in a cost efficient approach. I had to check with 4-5 other companies. Eventually, we picked this team to change our Condo HVAC (heat pump) as they seemed to have all the key requirements. The installation was about 3 weeks ago, 3 team members did it in 4-5 hours and the outcome was great.

thumb Shervin M.

  Good value, responsive and reliable. Sonia coordinated with courtesy and the office/crew was so flexible about schedule. The service came back with so many photos and descriptions/explanation/advice while the technician was still on site with simultaneous phone calls to go over all serviced items. I felt the recommendations were reliable, honest and I was not pressured to make decisions or take recommendations immediately. I truly appreciate the professional working attitude. The service was quality work and I am coming back for subsequent services.

thumb Judy H.

  I needed to replace two five-ton a/c units and two gas furnaces in the attic along with replacing the ducting in the second floor attic because of dust and possible bacteria.

As someone who is not well-versed in this area and doesn’t like to get taken advantage of, there is a definite learning curve and a fair amount of research that is required, particularly since the cost can be as much or more than many new cars with more decisions required.

I spoke to a bunch of very highly-rated a/c contractors on Yelp. The range from highest to lowest bid was only two to one instead of the more usual three to one. But I’m sure if I kept looking, I could have gotten a bid that was three times the lowest bid. Leor’s bid from Top Energy was the lowest, but for me, that was not the sole reason I chose Top Energy.

Leor was extremely helpful, accessible and practical. I liked the fact that he didn’t think we needed to go with the most expensive equipment. After all, the idea is to reliably cool and heat the house when needed, which doesn’t necessarily translate into needing the most expensive equipment. It seemed that everyone was using different equipment and each person had some negative things to say about the other’s equipment. I therefore did some independent research to get comfortable about the recommended equipment.

Leor’s crew was very professional and appeared to do very good work. The A/C has been working great through this latest heat wave.

I know I said it before already, but Leor is very responsive and goes above and beyond what most others are willing to do, which is a rare find.

thumb Steven T.

  This review is long overdue but just had to come on here to rave about Leor and his team. Super prompt response when I requested information. No “sales fluff”, just straight to the point and quick to provide estimate. Very professional installation and NO surprises when came time for payment. I was so happy with my initial experience that I have now used them for a total of 3 installations of mini splits and will continue to use them as long as my experience is the same. Thank you Leor and team!

thumb Katya C.