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Tired of dealing with the summer heat? Too cold in the winter? Is your home or office too stuffy and hot, or freezing cold? Then you need ductless air conditioning and heating from Top Energy Solutions. Installing ductless mini-splits is a great way to efficiently cool or heat a whole house, depending on your needs, without having to run ductwork throughout the inside of your home.

We can help you get the proper air circulating in your home or office without unwanted energy costs, so your space is comfortable all year round. We’ll install your ductless mini-split for you so you can enjoy a more comfortable environment. We provide the trained and certified professionals you need to install a new ductless mini-split unit in your home. Our techs will measure your home to make sure it is a good fit for the window-mounted installation and give you an estimate of the cost. Not only do you get an awesome, energy-efficient mini-split system, but an expert installation too!



Single Zone or Multi Zone

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Ductless Mini split installation Contractor Santa Monica

When it comes to ductless mini-split installation, you want to know that you’re working with a professional who will get the job done right. Top Energy Solutions has been installing ductless mini splits for years, and our customers have always been happy with the results. With us, you can feel confident that your new ductless mini-split system will be installed without any unexpected problems or delays.

We know that your home’s heating and cooling system is a very important part of your life. That’s why we strive to provide the best quality service possible at all times. Our team is ready to help you find solutions for any issues related to your home’s heating and air conditioning system so that you can continue enjoying life in comfort and style.


Ductless Mini split installation Company Santa Monica

You’ve heard about the benefits that come with going ductless, but you are still unsure if it is the best choice for your space. The truth is, there are many reasons why working with a professional company like Top Energy Solutions for ductless mini split installation is a good choice.

First of all, ductless systems are more energy-efficient than conventional HVACs. They can be easily installed in areas that tend to get hot and cold spots, making them perfect for environmentally-friendly homes and offices. A professional installation crew will ensure that all of the components of your system are placed correctly, so you won’t have to worry about a leaky pipe or damage to any other part of your home or office. With proper placement and maintenance, these systems can last up to 15 years.

Another reason why working with an experienced company like Top Energy Solutions makes sense: our team has been installing ductless mini-split systems for residents in Santa Monica over the years. We know what works best where, and how much power you need in different rooms or buildings – no guessing involved here! Plus we offer free estimates on installations so there are no surprises down the line. Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation.