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Why You Need Top Energy Solutions Exterior Paint and Coating

Do you need superior and energy-efficient exterior new coating and paint? Top Energy Solutions has the right tools, talent, and experience to make a significant improvement to the exterior of your home. when it comes to your exterior home improvement. A complete fresh energy-efficient coat can be very difficult if you are trying to do it yourself. Apart from requiring special skill and expertise for the best results. It will take your time and a lot of effort to do the bad job all by yourself.

If you need exterior paint and coating for your home then look no further. Top Energy Solutions will get the job done in the shortest possible time. You don’t want to put off painting your home or skip on applying some new energy-efficient coat to keep heat out of your home. if you do, you risk deteriorating your painted surfaces further. A situation that will and can affect the integrity of your home’s outer surface, be it wood or concrete. That’s why once you contact us our experts come immediately to your home for inspection to know exactly the task at hand. We know no one wants to see flaking paint, cracks, mold, and mildew buildup, and uneven appearance.

Things like that will without a doubt lower your home’s value in the market if you want to sell your home. additionally, it will also greatly make your home unappealing from anyone’s perspective, even yours. This is why Top Energy Solutions go above and beyond to ensure you get the best exterior painting that will beautify your home once more. We will renew its look, increase your home’s energy efficiency, increase your value, and overall curb appeal with a distinctive exterior coat.

Paint And Coat Your Home The Right Way In Los Angeles

Top Energy Solutions is a client-focused home improvement company and as such we have built a leading company recognized for its attention to professional and high-quality home upgrades. Our professional painters are trained to work under any painting situation and every commercial environment. They show up with drop cloths to fully protect areas that are being painted, they prep and prepare surfaces effectively and arrive on time to calculate and prepare all that is needed for an excellent and exceptional job. you have nothing to worry about.

Moreover, as a leading energy company, another big benefit to working with Top Energy Solutions is the enviable energy savings you will get when we are through. Your new exterior will keep more heat out and keep your home cool and warm all year, reducing the cost of your energy bill. This is because we use energy-saving products like COOL WALL and TEXCOTE that take advantage of reflective technology. Together with energy-saving procedures and techniques. Your normal paint job isn’t designed to reflect heat and sunlight. Also, these coats are durable, proven to last for several decades, and still retain their sheen.


In this way, you put less stress on your HVAC system while still maintaining a pristine look outside. it is an investment where you win on all sides. Talk to one of our experts today so you can schedule your exterior paint and coating today. we are responsive to all homeowners in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Top Energy Solutions Exterior Coating And Paint Has Many Benefits

The exterior painting solutions we provide come with many advantages that greatly improve the beauty, value, and durability of your home. some of which include.

High Reflectivity

With Tex-Cote our paints and coats are highly reflective and will remain that way for many years ensuring that your home stays cool and warm all year round

Increased Energy Efficiency

With high reflectivity comes increased energy efficiency. With less heat absorbed by your walls, garage doors, and sidings and more heat expelled from your home. you reduce the load on your HVAC system and save on cooling cost.

Lower Surface Temperatures

With lower surface temperatures, the rate at which your paint and coating deteriorate is extremely reduced. This leads to high fade resistance and increased durability. Your new coat will age gracefully with your home.

Multiple Color Variations

No matter the aesthetic look you are going for with Top Energy Solutions you will achieve them with our robust color profiles. You will have access to multiple colors to match the tone of your home or upgrade it in any style and touch you want.

Why Choose Top Energy For Your Exterior Paints And Coating

Even if your home’s architecture is unconventional and incorporates several different materials. Our professional painters know exactly the type of paint and the preparation steps to take to make sure you get the best results possible. we will never miss a spot or make miscalculations on your painting project. We pay serious attention to detail so; you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.

Some of the surfaces we work on include;

  • Vinyl or aluminum siding
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Composite
  • Garage doors
  • Cedar shingles
  • Wood trim, decks, patios, railings, and fencing

Fascia and eavestrough at roof-level

The exterior painting and coating process we have developed for homeowners in LA ensures we provide a service that is second to none. From effectively preparing the walls and surfaces through exterior preparation process such as;

  • Power Washing
  • Scraping and surface repairs
  • Priming
  • Caulking and Glazing

Before the paint and coating are applied. Your home’s exterior will come out beautiful and vibrant with appealing color schemes. Our extensive process makes sure we don’t get callbacks or make rookie errors. With Top Energy Solutions, you are in for exceptional results after exceptional results. Get ready for a spectacular transformation. 

We look forward to bringing more color to your home in the shortest possible time at the best price and the most outstanding results. Get in touch now to get your Top Energy Solutions exterior painting and coating in Los Angeles today.